Why I Hate the U.S Education System – Part 1


School is most likely one of the most talked about topics world-wide. Some people love school and many others hate it. In my opinion, the education is extremely flawed and isn’t really about education as much as it is about obtaining a degree.

  1. Degrees and GPAs do not equal education

Anyone can obtain a degree. A degree is not at all an accurate symbolization of knowledge obtained at school. Employers ask for degrees because it is a way to filter out the massive amounts of applicants they get. The logic is that educated people naturally obtain degrees, leaving the not so educated individuals degree-less. The fallacy in this logic is that colleges differ amongst one another, professors are different, and grading scales vary between schools, which skew the legitimacy of degrees and GPAs. Degrees are over saturated in the market because they are so easy to obtain now. Life is not played on a leveled playing field, and neither is school. Using study drugs, cheating, and sabotage is unmoral in school, yet many students bend the rules to falsely inflate their GPA. Sites like Ratemyprofessor allow students to choose the easiest grading professor for their courses too. Maybe you will have to cheat just to keep up with other students, but does that really add to your own knowledge?

Anyone who uses their GPA as an argument to justify their intelligence is most likely not as intelligent as they think they are.

2. Schools are businesses

I don’t hate that schools are businesses, but more people need to have an understanding of this instead of believing school is purely for educational purposes. Schools create jobs and with jobs come workers that expect a salary. A large sum of payroll money comes from student funded tuition. I would believe that this is a factor in why there are many college recruiters scouting the best students for their schools. With a high performing student, not only do they get tuition but also colleges look better on paper if that student performs well. If a college looks good, then more students would apply and increase the pool of applicants. College campuses are constructed with student life in mind because if the student enjoys his time at college, he or she will stay there longer, refer their school to peers, and be more willing to give back to their school. Let’s face it, who would want to go a school that offers them a miserable time?

Schools aren’t bad businesses. As a matter of fact, they are actually genius, but students need to understand what they are really paying for.

3. It kills dreams

Maybe schools don’t kill dreams, but it’s pretty hard to pursue them after being brainwashed from adults since elementary school. Maybe, just maybe, schools are used as a necessary evil to filter out the ones that really want to achieve their dream and those that don’t. Going away from those two thoughts though, teachers and peers begin to go away from the land of dreams and more towards “realism” as they move up in grade levels. Dreams are already hard enough to achieve as it is already, but being in school for years after years and people adding more fear and doubt into you makes the task even harder. Your peers will also peer pressure you into getting a “job” and conforming to their standards of living.

Everyone will teach you things that you don’t want to know, but very few will actually help you get to where you want to go.


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