Why Love is Hard


Image Via Flickr: Neal Fowler

Why Love is Hard

Love is a topic that has been discussed countless times in the past and will be discussed countless times in the future. As we progress through time, love seems to get harder and harder to find and maintain. Although technology should move us closer together and make our lives easier, it seems that love (and many other things) does not receive the same benefits.

I believe that love can be as simple as two people having mutual feelings towards each other and a willingness to build upon that feeling. Unfortunately, we are plagued by numerous extraneous factors. Money, location, social pressures, culture, and families are only a small amount of things that make love difficult.


We all need a certain level of wage to live comfortably and enjoy life, but how much do you need to make to be in a good relationship? Maybe you have found your ideal partner, but they can’t afford to raise a child properly, take you out on a luxurious date, or have a beautiful wedding. Would you be willing to have a relationship with someone who can’t do these things? There’s also a chance that you might not meet the person that you feel was meant for you because of money. The wage you make plays a factor into the type of people you associate yourself with, and the people you associate yourself with plays a factor into the establishments that you visit. Amongst many other things, money also can change or reveal a person’s real inner self. The you that you thought you were, might not be the you that you actually are. If used intellectually, money grants you access to many opportunities that just aren’t available for people less financially fortunate. For example, you can use money to delegate menial tasks to other people, freeing up your time to spend with your lover. Also, it can help you boost your superficial assets, which many people pay a bulk of their attention to.


With the world so vast, it is impossible to meet everyone. With the few people in the world that you do meet however, location ends up playing a big role in relationships. Location for high paying jobs, different lifestyles, and being closer to friends are all large factors in determining where someone lives. Distance can easily break apart two people who are in love because they couldn’t find a point of compromise. Location also can mean having a long distance relationship, which is significantly harder than having the ability to see someone daily or weekly. Although it is possible for someone to live a mobile lifestyle in today’s society, it is difficult to raise a child and carry along a significant in multiple locations.

Social Pressure

Social pressures are a real thing in societies around the globe. We are expected to date a person who fits a certain type of criteria. Common things on that criteria chart are height, social ranking, looks, and some personality. Whether you follow the social norm or not is dependent on you, but if you are influenced at a young age, chances are you’ll fall victim into expectations that society puts on you. Because of this, you may have passed up someone you feel like you connect with, but society doesn’t approve of. Just keep in mind that society wants to shape you to fit their best interests, not yours.

Family and Culture

Even if you’re the most un-superficial person ever, it is no doubt that families and culture add to the chaos of love. Cultural differences in marriage and relationship views can be conflicting to the point where there are violent outbreaks. For example, diets can be very different, raising a child, and wedding ceremonies can reach conflicts, all of which can make or break a relationship. Families can also break people apart as I have seen it happen. If one family doesn’t approve of the other person or families clashing can put lovers in a very uncomfortable position.

There are millions of other things that make relationships hard, but I feel that these few examples are at the bulk of things. I wanted to point these factors out specifically because most of these things are situations we have little control over. We can make love simple by just accepting the person as a person, and not the circumstances that they are born into.


San Tung – A Hipster Chinese restaurant?!


A Hipster Chinese Restaurant?!

After hearing everyone talk about this Chinese restaurant in Norcal, it was time for the hype buster to see if the restaurant was really good or just a bunch of hype. San Tung is a Chinese restaurant located in San Francisco, and supposedly has legitimate Chinese food.

After my friends picked me up at SFO, we proceeded to go to San Tung. Street parking might be hard to find, so you may have to circle the block a few times. Even at around 8:00 P.M, the original San Tung had a wait, so we went to the one a few stores down, San Tung 2. After comparing menus we figured that it should be the same food.

The Restaurant and Food

San Tung 2 only had young Asian patrons in it, which already set off a red flag. The more older generation Chinese people at a Chinese restaurant the more legitimate it should be!! The inside decor also set off another alert because it had a very modern style to it, with a vinyl of the bay bride on the wall.  Anyways, we were sat immediately at a round table and ordered the chicken wings (not shown) that everyone raves about, along with other things.


Mu Shu Pork and Wrap

First of all, I want to say the chicken wings are way over hype. It was decent, but the sauce and the way the chicken was cooked did not exceed any type of standard. I’d rather spend my approximately 10 dollars at buffalo wild wings. The best thing we ordered was probably the fried rice, and that wasn’t amazingly good either. The other two things were ordered were the Mu Shu Pork and Dried Sautéed String Beans. I did not like the Mu Shu pork at all, and the string beans were a bit too over cooked.


Fried Rice

Is the Hype Real?

Maybe I am being too harsh, but if everyone is going to hype up a restaurant it better live up to standards in my opinion. Unless the original San Tung restaurant down the street is acutally 10x better, I stand by my review. On the bright side however the ladies who work there were wearing leggings.


Food 3/5
Decor 4/5
Price 3/5
Staff 4/5

Overall 3/5

Check out my Yelp page!

Travel: The House of Dancing Water


The House of Dancing Water is Macau’s premier show in the City of Dreams. I would have to say that it might be the best show in Macau period!

The House of Dancing Water

This show is written and directed by Franco Dragone, director of world-famous Cirque du Soleil. In addition to that, it is 250 million dollar USD production, which should tell you already how awesome this show will be already!

The House of Dancing Water consists of acrobatics, dance, diving, water stunts, dynamic stage, and too many other awesome things to list. At first I was not expecting acrobatics and gymnastics to be such a big part of the show, but it was! It was amazing to see the stunts they did and how they used the stage to incorporate all the ideas with those stunts. The House of Dancing Water is unlike any other show on this planet! I could write about what I saw, but I would just prefer you go to the venue or get a slight glimpse through some YouTube videos!

My Thoughts


I booked my tickets online only a few days before hand and it seems that for most days they have a late afternoon show and an evening show. The tickets were arranged in 4 different levels, A, B, C, and VIP seating. I think the A seats are worth the extra you pay for them, but all the seats have good views. The show features a 270 degree view, so almost a full circle around the acts. Be warned that the first few rows of any seating will get splashed!

The only quarrel I had with the show was the audience that it came with. Maybe because I had the cheapest seats, but the audience members around me did not know how to keep quiet during the show. Other than that, everything else was spectacular, and I would be more than willing to go again with better seating!

If you’re ever in Macau, don’t forget to watch this one of a kind show!


10 Things I Learned from Blogging in 2014

  1. Only a Handful of People Will Truly Support You

Not only in blogging, but in life, only a handful of people will truly support you. You’ll probably receive more support from strangers than people you’ve actually known in person. Only a handful of people will be willing to share your posts, read them, and support your message.

  1. Your Ideas Make More Sense in your Head

Maybe it is just me, but I feel that I have many ideas in my head, but when I try to manifest them onto a blog post, they don’t always come out right. It is like trying to confess your love to someone who you’re not sure has interest in you. There is a beautiful scenario in your mind, but when it comes time to act things usually turn out completely different. Blogging might not be as disastrous as confessions, but you get the idea, which brings me to my next point.

  1. Blogging does Wonders for Writing

I was always a poor writer and probably still am, but I believe I have made leaps and bounds in my writing through blogging. I want my readers to take ne seriously, so I try to spell check, grammar check, and make concise points as best I can. Also, from blogging I’ve learned to take my audience into consideration, meaning that I aim to simplify my points as much as I can so more people can easily understand it.

  1. You Learn About your Writing and Speaking Tendencies

After writing post after post, I started to recognize words and transitions that I use a lot. This is a good thing because you can slowly add in new proses and metaphors to more colorfully express your ideas. For me, I think writing and speaking have a slight correlation. I have started to notice my speech becoming more elegant the more I write and read.

  1. You have to be Creative

You don’t really need to be creative to have a successful blog, but in my opinion it’s what separates the men from the boys. There are countless articles online that are just regurgitation of one another and have little or no creative content in them. I believe that to fulfill your own wants and to stand out, originality will eventually triumph when people start to take notice of it. It just usually takes a bit longer.

  1. Collaboration does Wonders

Collaboration with other people allows you to expand your creative mindset by seeing how other people think and feel about the same topics. It can also expand your fan base by reaching out to other markets and your collaborators fan base.

  1. Take Advice with a Grain of Salt

I’m the type of person who hears out every piece of advice and opinion given to me, but I understand that I ultimately make the final decision. With that being said, many unsolicited advice and opinions ultimately don’t work out with my vision for many reasons. One would be that the person offering guidance usually doesn’t understand the message or goal of my blog. Another would be that it seems that advice usually comes in the form of good intent, but more so from the want to express an idea someone has about my blog. The last and probably most important reason why you should take advice with a grain of salt is because it usually comes from people who have no experience in the field or from someone that you wouldn’t personally model yourself after. With all that being said, it is still important to hear these people out because they might spark an idea that you haven’t thought of yet.

  1. Keep Writing

There are countless times where I just wanted to stop. For many reasons such as not getting enough views, followers, lack of motivation, etc., but you have to keep going on. I find that if you keep the final vision in mind it’s easier to write even when you feel that you don’t want to write about anything. As long as words are getting written/typed, you’ll find your groove again. It’s just like running, the hardest part is getting your shoes on and getting outside of the house.

  1. You Never Know Who is Reading

One of the best surprises that came out of my blog are when people, who I would never think would read my posts, tell me that they enjoyed what I wrote or it has affected them in some way. It is ironic because this blog was started in part of the thought process of “you never know what could happen”. Even if it is just one life that I can help in a positive manner, I would be glad that this blog was not made for no reason.

  1. You Need to Invest Money or Time

If you have the capital to invest in a professional to do your website, SEO, social media, and all other backend work, then you’ll already be way ahead of the initial curve. On the other hand, if you’re not willing to put the capital in, then you’ll have to learn and do research on all these topics first. It takes away from creating content, but it is a tradeoff many people have to live with in the beginning. You can have an amazing blog, but if it looks sloppy and doesn’t have the right keywords, it’ll be hard for people to discover.

Uniqlo is a True Japanese/Asian Lifestyle Brand


Uniqlo is the embodiment of the Asian lifestyle into a clothing brand. Huge stores, a myriad of colors, and classic styles are what come to mind when one thinks of the brand. Uniqlo’s slogan is “made for all,” which they have truly done by extending their reach all over the world.

The Lifestyle

Asian people are generally not flashy and very conservative when it comes to clothing and culture. Not only that, but also Asian culture revolves around the community and not so much the individual. Uniqlo embodies these concepts by focusing their bread and butter on timeless pieces of clothing.  Sweaters, t-shirts, pants, jackets, socks, and undergarments offer a unified look for consumers, but also allow one to express their individuality by the numerous shades of color you can buy each piece of clothing in. The designs of these garments are also very plain, traditional, and practical.


What I love most about Uniqlo is its practicality and price point. Although their products are cheaper than many of their competitors, their quality is still top-notch. I still have pieces of clothing from years ago that still have not formed holes or shown signs of wear after repeated washes. The products that Uniqlo produces revolve around being practical. You won’t find large holed mesh tops here that provide no cover nor will you find miniskirts that only cover up 1/8th of your leg. What you will find however are socks that provide comfort and last, quality dress shirts, and fitted t-shirts.

Uniqlo is also progressive and streamline in their store and apparel approach. With HEATTECH and Airism technology, Uniqlo is always looking for ways to make their clothing more “advanced”. Take for example Uniqlo’s light down jackets. It’s a given that jackets should provide warmth, but in additon to that, these jackets are light, water repellant, and can be folded into a practical nylon bag. All for under $100! Uniqlo stores are fairly easy to navigate too. With an open layout and clothing sorted by seasons and type, it makes the shopping process easier.

Welcoming Others

Although uncanny that you would view a big store relating to Asian lifestyle, it does make a bit of sense. Uniqlo has branched out from its home country of Japan and all over the world. In a symbolic sense, Uniqlo stores are large enough to house all their consumers. It is very inviting of people who seek an interest in the lifestyle.

Uniqlo is also a reflection on Japan’s diplomacy with foreign nations. Colloborations with MoMA, Pharell, Disney, Andy Warhol, and other people show the mentality that Japan is more about alliances than competition. Founder Tadashi Yanai even greeted Gap CEO Mickey Drexler as “professor” when the two first met because he held Gap in such high esteem (WSJ).

If I had to describe the Uniqlo brand in a few words, it would have to be classic, simple, and humble.

Why is Buzzfeed and Elitedaily so Successful?

buzzfeed vs


If you’re up to date with current online media trends, you’ll probably have heard of Buzzfeed or Elitedaily through their numerous articles of x reasons why you should leave your ex. Titles like that or 10 tips for dealing with holiday sadness seem to flood my newsfeed, and I’m sure many of yours.

Why I Dislike Buzzfeed and Elitedaily

The thing I dislike with both of these sites is that the catchy articles are not really articles, but just lists with pictures or gifs. I don’t really consider this reading material because it doesn’t require much thought process. It is more of a read it and forget it type of deal. Furthermore, I believe that almost anybody can write an “article” for Buzzfeed and have it featured, which questions the validity of the article. Elitedaily is a bit more of a legitimate news/blog site, but I end up not enjoying many articles because of the lack of filtering required. The articles I find most enticing on Elitedaily are usually reposts or summaries of other news/blog sites.

Why they are both Successful

I have to respect the major success both of these sites have though. Buzzfeed garners many readers because of their list formatted articles. It is a quick read and the pictures/gifs give a good laugh. For the targeted audience, which I would think is mainly college students ages 18-24, it is a perfect way to kill time to in class. In addition, the topics are very easy to read and the type of things that many millennials relate to. What I think is most appealing is that the articles are so short that it works for the lower attention span of the new generation.

I wouldn’t say reading Buzzfeed or Elitedaily would make you less educated or unintelligent, but if these are your two main sources of information, I would reevaluate my reading material. Buzzfeed and Elitedaily are perfect for quick reads and killing time, but to add to your mind’s repertoire I would stick to longer pieces of writing.

Hipster and Hashtag Activism


Photo via Flickr: Mark Knobil

Everyone has an opinion, but with the prominence of social media nowadays, these opinions are brought to the forefront of attention. It seems that the popular thing to do is fight for a cause that everyone else is fighting for. By using social media, it is easy for anyone to have a voice regardless if they know anything about the subject or not.

New Age Activism

“Hipster activism” is what I call joining a movement without having strong feelings or significant idea of what is going on. The problem with this is not so much that people are hopping on the bandwagon, but more so the amount of false information that gets spread. Instead of stating facts, people get wrapped up in their emotions and say what they felt happened instead of what really happened. The media is partially to blame because of their private agenda and political views. Catchy misleading titles generate views and skewing the truth and evidence is one method of doing so. Of course then hipster activists will spread the first things they hear instead of creating a judgment of their own backed with hard evidence. Another downside of hipster activism is that it doesn’t affect the core of the movement. Hipster activists leave as quickly as they came.

The next popular new age of activism is hashtag activism. It is so popular that there is even a Wikipedia dedicated to it. As termed by Wikipedia as, “Hashtag activism is a term coined by media outlets which refers to the use of Twitter’s hashtags for internet activism,” I have a more updated view of it. I believe hashtag activism is more of utilizing social media as anoutlet to voice your opinion rather than doing something productive towards the movement. As I have seen, and I’m probably sure you have if you’re reading this, as soon as the media headlines something extreme that calls for action, everyone suddenly is an activist online. The responses can generate within minutes by repeating any argument towards your belief that sounds even the slightest logical.

I believe the main reason for the growth of these two kinds of activism are from mainly two things. One, is the growth of social media allows an unknown person to get public attention if their message is convincing enough, regardless if it is right or wrong. Social media allows people to interact from the safety of their own bedrooms with real people from across the nation. The second reason is that people get a sense of instant gratification. Posting a status or a slightly profound tweet that gets retweeted gives someone a sense of accomplishment. Joining a movement makes one feel like they belong to a certain group, and everyone wants to feel like they fit in. As soon as the dust settles though, only the core activists will stand.


Even though there are many negatives to these types of activists, I can say that there are a couple of positives that arise from this. One of that it gets people talking, and when people talk there is a chance for good as there is a chance for bad. Although social media can spur arguments, it can also create conversation and spread awareness. Through spreading awareness, the right person might actually take up arms and do something impactful even though the ratio would probably be 1:100. Will this trend die down? Most likely not because history always repeats itself.